Read: Which is better in Oahu…North Shore or South Shore?

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Question by leslieandjesse08: Which is better in Oahu…North Shore or South Shore?
I’m trying to decide where to stay…North Shore and South Shore. Why?

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Answer by Goosefraba
Congrats on your trip to Oahu. You will love it.
Hawaii is truly paradise on earth. (hope you are not going this week though). Most hotels on Oahu are in Waikiki. The north shore sparsely populated and is known for it’s big wave surfing in the winter. Turtle bay resort is a nice play to stay for a honeymoon. Which is on the north shore. But it is expensive…
So wouldn’t recommend staying their unless you surf or have big bucks.
Some must see places are:
1) Check out Banzai pipeline beach (on the north shore) It’s where all the big wave surfers are. 15 foot+ waves in December.
2) Like to swim in a tropical fish tank… Then check out Hanauama bay (go early in the am since parking gets full quick). Bring a snorkel and mask.
3) Diamond head mountain is a nice hike to an awesome view of Waikiki.
4) The Peal Harbor Memorial. Takes about 2-3 hours of waiting.
5) Matsumoto shaved ice. (near north shore).

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5 Responses to Read: Which is better in Oahu…North Shore or South Shore?

  • Gloria says:

    I have stayed South Shore (Waikiki area), six times. Now if you like to watch surfers alot, and the waves really kicking it, stay North Shore!

  • yumchu2001 says:

    depends on your age and what your looking for. north shore is really mellow hardly anything going on after 6pm unless you make friends with the locals go to a BBQ or something. if your young want shopping and crazy nightlife south shore is the place to be…we have the 3rd largest shopping mall in the US Ala Moana, which also has some of the newer clubs eateries..also check out Ward Center D&Bs, Ryan’s Pearl

    have fun

  • shmooks says:

    North shore if you like the beach and a quieter atmosphere. More country feeling.
    South shore if you want to be close to the night life. Waikiki has a lot to do all day and night.
    No matter where you stay, you can always drive around or catch the bus and see it all. But don’t drink and drive.
    Keep safe!

  • Mitchy says:

    Like the others said, it really depends on what you are into. If you are looking for a laid back, extended surf session then the North Shore is the way to go. For a more touristy trip, like shopping and nightlife etc. then I think that the Waikiki are would be better.
    But remember, Oahu is not that huge… You can totally get the best of both worlds and travel between the North and South areas, it isn’t that far of a drive.
    Have fun!

  • hooyah102291 says:

    North Shore by FAR

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